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Crossing borders of meaning, territory and flesh itself, Fióna Bolger’s new poems explore the limits and possibilities of language. Survival can depend on nuance, insider slang, an accurate translation, or knowing when to stay silent. (Katie Donovan)

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Love in the Original Language



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About Fióna

Poems can be corralled into lists by country, by language, by form. Fióna is interested in those that fall between categories, challenge the existence of formal, linguistic, cultural or geographic boundaries, borders.


She recently launched her first poetry collection, a compound of words (Yoda Press, 2019). She lives between Ireland and India. Her work has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Southword, The Brown Critique, The Poetry Bus, The Chattahoochee Review and others. She is a co-ordinator of Dublin Writers' Forum and a member of the creative team of Outlandish Theatre Platform. She is currently working towards a PhD at Dublin City University entitled ‘Searching for Poems in the Cracks Between Borders’. Her next collection is due out from Salmon Poetry in 2021.

About me
Fióna Bolger - Irish poet

My Books

Front cover of "A compound of words" by Fiona Bolger Poetry
a compound of words
Cover of All The Worlds Between edited by K.Srilata and Fiona Bolger
All the Worlds Between
Cover of The Geometry of Love Between the Elements by Fiona Bólger
The Geometry of Love between the Elements
Cover of Triptych  - edited by Fióna Bolger
My books

What people say

 With its unique transnational perspective – reflected not just in the poems themselves but in this elegant publication by Yoda Press – with its linguistic risk-taking yet unhurried craft, it changes our understanding of what a poem written by an Irish woman can look like. And in doing so, it troubles the boundaries of our tradition in really important ways.

Lucy Collins

What people say
Illustration from Fióna Bolger Poetry's book
Upcoming events

Upcoming events

  • 28 May 2022, 12:00 – 14:00 GMT+5:30
    Zoom Workshop
    We will be looking at essays, articles and poems to explore the questions alive in our world today. Each poet will have the time and space to explore their own personal relationship with nature while relating it to the ways others have written about and with nature.
  • 04 Sept 2021, 12:00 – 14:00 GMT+5:30
    Zoom Event
    Over 4 weeks of close readings, discussions, writing and sharing we will find ways to stick our tongues out and be heard.
  • 15 Aug 2021, 10:30 – 16:35
    Zoom: 84532069956 Code: 704102
    By bringing together three poets with overlapping connections to the places they have called home over the course of their lives, we seek to explore the ideas of home, migration, citizenship, belonging as well as borders unhoming and disowning.
Illustration from Irish poet Fióna Bolger's book

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