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Illustration from poetry published by Fióna Bolger


Sunlight Press, 'A cure is needed for the present, sometimes'

Poetry Ireland Review 126: 'Be Careful What You Say'.

Southword, Issue 22.

Smithereens Issue 1, 'At Night I Curl'

Head Stuff Poem of the Week |33| 'I am not a kind woman'.

Art Papier, 'Homofony', 'Rodzicielskie sztuczki', 'Ty', 'Stare wiersze miłosne wzruszają mnie do łez' translated by Magdalena Praczynska

Art to Heart, 'Make Your Body a Boat'.

Poethead, Poems from The Geometry of Love between the Elements and 'Cure for the Lovelorn'.

​Barehands, Issue 9, 'Off Course'.

The Brown Critique, 'Words to a New Wife', 'Pattambuchi', 'Mary and Sunil'.

Black, Strong and Sweet Poetry Series


'India, Ireland and blended verse', Sree Sen, The Hindu Business Line

'A Compound of Words, Review', Maaz Bin Bilal, World Literature Today

'In defiance of borders',  The Hindu

A discovery of India', Uttaran Das Gupta, Business Standard

Dinnae Thandi Interview

The High Window Review of Triptych

Ireland India Institute

Indian Express Interview

'Languages Add Flavour to Poetry', Soulveda Interview

'If this is not magic, what is?' Niamh Boyce Interview

Oran Ryan Sound Cloud Interview

Jessica Maybury's 'Fióna Bolger Reads Poetry' Blog


Wretched Strangers Anthology, ' a compound of words', Boiler House Press, 2019.

Barehands Anthology


UCD Irish Poetry Reading Archive.

Arena, RTE, interview

Skibereen Speakeasy Sessions

Bray Literary Festival

'In Tandem' doing our stuff.

TV Interview with Roisin Williams of South East Network.

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